Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mission Inn Getaway

Last weekend the Hubs planned a beautiful mini getaway for us. We didn't go far but it was wonderful and such a great surprise. Who would've known that in the middle of a bustling California city there would lie this serene retreat, The Mission Inn of Riverside, CA.

This post is very picture heavy but I didn't want to leave anything out. We spent Saturday night at the Mission Inn and enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the hotel restaurant. Sean had the Porterhouse and I had the Filet. meat! It was delicious. After that we walked across the street to an Italian restaurant and had a few drinks before retiring to our room. The only thing better than my evening was the handsome man I got to share it with.

This was gift number 1 of 5. The hubs is good. He said that every weekend until my birthday I will get a little birthday surprise. :) I love him.

The entrance and Me.

The entrance again.

One of the many beautiful walkways.

Walking to our room.

Simply lovely.

Still walking to our room.

Room 306, that's us!

The view from our room.

Again, the view from our room.

The pool.

Sitting on the terrace in front of our room.

Our room door has shutters, so cute!

The inside, a big bed for just him and I.

The bathroom mirror. You can't see the detail but it was beautiful.

Much like the bathroom tile.

I just thought this was cute.

The beautiful exterior of The Mission Inn


Pretty, huh?

I loved this place.

The interior, The Mission Inn was built in 1876.

The staircase.

The church.

Stained glass in church.


Original wood carved seating in the church.

The healthy part of our Sunday morning breakfast in bed.

Goofin' off. Eewwww!!!

My baby is sleepy.

Just love.


The Smith Boys said...

I love it Sara! What a sweet hubby and the pictures are beautiful! I love the bougainvillea (I think) along the balconies!

Anonymous said...

I want to go too. All these years I lived here and have never gone. C'est la vie.

Cales said...

Awe, what a great surprise! Your photos are beautiful!

Do you think if I gave you my number, you could have your hubby call my hubby and give him a few pointers? :)