Friday, August 7, 2009

Number 2

My second present arrived last weekend (I know, I'm late on posting) and it's a beaut! The hubs brought home this framed mirror from Kirklands. Ahh, I love Kirklands.

Ignore the dirty glass, I hadn't cleaned it yet. We saw this one night in Kirklands while we were killing time before a movie. It was calling my name, " know you want to buy me..."

So of course, this doesn't go with my orange painting that was up in the same room. But I liked loved the frame more then the painting so it had to go! But don't worry, it didn't go very far. Just to my drop cloth for a little makeover and it's now back on the wall.

Toned down quite a bit. There will be NO MORE changes to this piece of artwork. LOL! I don't think the canvas could take anymore. Now we just need to find some permanent accents for the cutout and we're good to go! And a family portrait for over the fireplace. :)

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice. You do need to take a family portrait! LOL