Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Can't Catch A Break

I think I have a bit of writers block. I'm sitting here away from the chaos that is 'life', and I can't seem to get a thing out of my mind and into this blog post. Maybe it's because I'm preoccupied with all the other crap my brain is sifting through at the moment. Who knows.

Every evening when I lay down for bed it's like some teeny persons living in my mind say, "All right, she's ready for bed. Now, lets flood her mind with millions of thoughts and see how long we can keep her up!" Those little bastards!

Do you watch Seinfeld? I feel like him in that episode where he wakes up in the middle of the night to write down a joke and come morning, he can't understand what he wrote. Except, I don't write the stuff down and I usually don't even recall it until the following evening when I'm ready to lay my head down again. Damn teeny people!

Anyway, would you like to hear my recent issues? Aside from striking veins, needle phobias, and the fainting feeling almost everytime I inject, I am now experiencing throat swelling (or something that feels like it).

FANTASTIC! Really! No, not really.

Here's the thing, it started about ehhh 6 weeks or so ago. At first I thought I was becoming lactose intolerant because it only occured when I ate ice cream. So I layed off the ice cream for a bit until one day I said "screw this" and I ordered a vanilla cone from McD's. Bad move. I had the throat tightness feeling for almost 3 hours after that.

Then it started happening with my Honey Nut Cheerios. So again I thought, must be the dairy. But I was wrong, I had a sandwich one day, dairy free to test my theory and sure enough, throat tightness.

Yesterday I mentioned this to my Doc and I described it like this:

"After I eat I immediately feel like my throat is closing up. Or, that my food is just sitting right there (imagine me pointing to my throat right above my collar bone) and I can't get it down. When I drink, I feel no relief. I also get chest pains that sometimes feel heavy or sharp."

She said, "sounds like you have blah blah." "What?", I said. She again say's, "sounds like you have blah blah." She has such a strong accent and talks so fast that I couldn't understand the 'disorder' and probably wouldn't be able to even if it was written clear as day.

Anyway, she's setting me up to have a swallow test. This will involve drinking some Barium that coats the esophagus (Sounds lovely, I've heard it taste like chalk. I don't know why anyone would taste chalk in order to offer up that comparison but whatever. ;)) and then having a few x-ray's.

Yay! More radiation exposure for Sarah!

We'll see how it all goes. I don't have it scheduled yet so I can't really say when I'll know if I just have esophagus spasms or something worse. (Please God don't let it be anything worse. PLEASE.....)

The rest of the appointment went fine. I requested blood work which is so crazy for me to do because I usually decline when Doc's try to draw blood just to 'check things out'. But I needed to check a few levels like B12 and Iron so I can be on top of my supplement game. :)

Tomorrow (Friday) I see the Nutritionist who has the best doctor name ever! Dr. Peper (pronounced Pepper). HA! I won't mention it to him/her though, I'm sure he/she is tired of hearing it. "Hey, your name is just like the soda!"

Ciao for now!

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