Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Day, Here I Come

Happy Thanksgiving!

That was the first (and so far last) turkey I cooked on Thanksgiving, thanks to the help of my fantastic friend Lisa. This year, I'm just in charge of mashed potatoes. Yes!!

This week has been madness!!!
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Holiday Party
  • Rude Military Wives
  • Getting Ready for Anniversary - Yay!
  • More Doctor Appointments
  • Business Stuff and More!


Let's see, working out is going well. Definitely making progress and no looney knees since the first two. No more heart palipitations either since the first two. Thank goodness!

I'm hanging up the 'Mommy Bag' on Friday and the Hubs and I are running away for the weekend. Lots of pics to come. :)

Had my swallow test today and it seems like all is ok in there. We'll see if the Doc has anything different to say. I think that's about it, you're all caught up now.

Have a very happy, safe, and delicious Thanksgiving. And to all the dieters, remember, calories don't count on holiday's.


Lisa Lou Hoo said...

And let me just say that for your first (or last) that was one yummy turkey. I hope mine comes out that good this year! Missing you guys and thankful for your friendship! XOXO

Ella said...

When I saw that Turkey I almost jumped in my car and headed your way. Then I read further and said "darn". Have a Happy and safe thanksgiving. See you soon