Friday, November 20, 2009

Nutrition, and Heart Palpitations - Good Times!

Last week I mentioned that I was starting my new diet. One week down and so far so good.

Starting weight: 163.6

Today's weight: 160.0

I saw my nutritionist today and he said 155lbs is a good weight for me judging off of my BMI and height. Sounds good! Now if I can just get on the exercise wagon.


I started this post yesterday afternoon but had to stop after experiencing what I now think was heart palpitations. It ended up lasting about an hour and a half but 30 minutes in I texted the Hubs to see what he thought I should do.

He suggested I call Shared Solutions, the "Care Center" if you will, of Copaxone. It never dawned on me to call them and after I read his text I started crying. I have no idea why but a few minutes later I got on the phone with a nurse from SS. I told her it had been happening for about an hour at that point and that it comes and goes. With it, I feel shaky but not on the outside, I feel like the inside of my chest is shaking. Wierd.

She said that palpitations is a side effect of Copaxone but since I took it almost 8 hours earlier she found it odd that it was happening now and wasn't sure if it was directly a result of the Copaxone. She said that if it continued to happen for another hour that I should go the the ER.

"Great!" I thought. "Our first weekend of no soccer games or errands to run and I'm going to be stuck in an ER". I called the Hubs after talking to the nurse and burst into tears again. I was perfectly fine while on the phone with the nurse, joking even. But something about hearing my Hubs' voice made me very scared of what was happening and I gave in.

Luckily, about 20 minutes after the phone call my palpitations started to taper off. My chest felt a little shaky for another hour or so but after that I was good.

I guess I need to start keeping track of all this crap. I'm gonna find a fancy journal and fill it with MS crap, dates of symptoms, and whatever else falls under the "WTF" category. :)

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