Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and Zumba

I completed my first Zumba class an hour and fifteen minutes ago. I showered and got dressed and decided to write and share my experience so that it was fresh on my mind.

My ass hurts! And so does my leg. Yes, I said leg, as in singular. Care to guess which one? Yup! The right one. (Off subject: I just saw a tiny blue light flash out of my peripheral. The right eye. Spooky!)

Let's see....what can I say about Zumba. I can tell you this, it is definitely less sadistic than Yoga.

Zumba is a fast-paced workout combining aerobics and latin dance moves. I have to say, there was a little too much jiggle coming from my side of the room. Gotta fix that.

There were breaks in between each song which was nice. It allowed me to take a drink of water and bring my body temperature down a bit. Before the start of each song there was a quick instruction on the upcoming moves. Some descriptions you may like...

- Move your booty like you're making a smiley face.
- Pretend you have a spoon on your butt and you're mixin'! You're mixin'!
- And Pump! And Pump! Unh! Unh! Yeah!

So maybe it's aerobics/latin dance/Show the FREAK in you! LOL! But I have to say, it was A LOT of fun! My cheeks were so rosey I would've put Santa Claus to shame.

Luckily, I made it through with no problems. And more importantly, I gave 100% the whole time. I'm pretty proud.

Tomorrow, the Hubs promises that he'll be home in time for me to go to Yoga. And for some reason, I'm looking forward to it. Maybe it's the hot rocks.

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