Monday, January 25, 2010

I Need A Boost

The Before. No makeup. PJ's. Hair - Undone.

A confidence boost that is.

For the last week, I've been debating about going to this model scouting thing. I'm far from runway material, with my baby-bearing hips, a pretty decent sized booty, and big boobs.

Simply put, I'm curvey. And I like it that way! (I think the Hubs does too :))

I know I'll walk in and see a bunch of young Pixi Sticks walking around and I'll be shunned for being a 8-10. I'm right in between the (modeling stats) "Perfect" body (thought of by someone who is surely a dumbass) which is a 4, and the Plus Size body, which is a 12+. (Insert sigh here)

I think I have a pretty cute face, which I've began to analyze the hell out of. One eye is closed more than the other. My eyebrows aren't symmetrical. (But let's be honest, who's are?) Cheek bones? What cheek bones? Teeth? Should've listened to my mom and worn my retainer.

Why am I putting myself through this? For the goal people! For the goal.

I will throw on my skinny jeans, 5'' heels, taking me from 5'9'' to 6'2'', and a cute top that is fitted but not too boob-a-licious. (I googled "What to wear to model/casting call")

To Do:

- Paint nails
- Find fitted top
- Eat light so I can fit in said Skinny Jeans
- Fix hair
- Fix Make-up (the natural way)

I'm fully expecting for this to be a complete waste of time. I've been to these before and TAH-DAH! I'm no model. LOL! But I am hoping for something good. I'll update tomorrow.


Laura said...

I found you through the cupcake recipe Nie I am a baker, I was curious!

Before my baking business,I worked as an agent at a talent and modeling agency! SO, how can I NOT put in my two cents??? are beautiful. are right. agencies look for sky high tall, and sickly thin girls. Curves are not what they want, sad but true.
3..there are FASHION models, and there are COMMERCIAL models.
4...I would encourage you to look into commercial print...this is not for the runway girl ..this is for the "real" girl, only by REAL, I mean ABOVE AVERAGE and still really beautiful and thin and tall girl!!!! I can not get too much of a sense of your looks from the pics posted, but what I do see is very pretty, and photogenic. your homework...flip through fashion mags and more commercial mags, and see where you think you would fit in.
5...have 2 snapshots of yourself. Jeans and a t or tank top, hair pulled back, minimal make up. Have one of your face, and one full body.

I worked at a booking table for a modeling agency and HATED it. Then I worked at a commercial agency, and represented actors and models for TV. THAT I liked. (even found my husband!) Bottom line, there are lots of opportunities for pretty girls, so don't limit yourself, or be discouraged by someone else's opinion of your looks.
and hey...maybe bring some of those cupcakes along on the casting call!!!!
good luck!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...


Thank you so much for your advice. Now I'm stuck on what to do about getting the call back. LOL! It would've been an easy choice if money wasn't required. Ugh!