Monday, November 3, 2008

Here's What You've Missed

After a week off because of the giveaway I hosted here (with 640 entries~WOW!), I thought I'd fill you in on how my week went.

We had another visitor of the arachnid kind. His name, Tarant-a-Not. I named him this because he is missing one leg and I bet it's because he wondered near one of our neighbors houses and they went after him with a shovel. We were a bit more kind to this little creature.

Instead of smashing him with a rock or beating him with a bat :-( (as ugly and as creepy as they are, I just can't kill them) we photographed and measured him. LOL! Then the Hubs knocked him off the wall of our house and into a small trash can that sat below.

He handed me the yard stick and was preparing to launch the creepy crawler, minus the trash can, over the fench when he lost his footing (or got scared) and tossed the trash can right into the fench. It landed on our side of the fence and I didn't stick around to see if Tarant-a-Not was scurrying around our backyard.

The Hubs jumped up on the fence and confirmed that Tarant-a-Not was safely on the other side of the fence. Thank goodness! Now he is safely 20 feet from our house and off to disturb another family.


Double Yuk!

Now on to our humor section. Every week we receive a Penny Saver in the mail. It's kind of cool, I've never lived anywhere that sends these out regularly and since I'm in the market for a new sewing table, I check it out every week.

During my search I found 2 ads that I just had to share. Here they are...

Doesn't the blackout by "Reward" look like a car? That's my handy work using the spray can in Paint.

We found the "or trade for goats" part to be especially interesting.


The Smith Boys said...

WOW - totally gross spider and freaky ads...CA is more interesting than AK!!!

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

Oh my goodness!! I would freak out. We live in the desert but thankfully there's nothing like that here.

Julie said...

sadly... it dosent surprize me in Apple Valley. A WHOLE different breed of people out there!