Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hit & Run - More for the Offender

You know when you pay for parking at an entertainment venue, and you get a receipt that you just put on your dashboard? Well, on there is usually something that say's, "Customer leaves car at his own risk. The management hereby declares it's not responsible for fire, theft, DAMAGE, or loss of any article left in same."

I always glance at it and say, "Whatever! Nothing's going to happen." Well yesterday, it did. After enjoying some Putt-Putt Golf and games at Castle Park in Riverside, CA, the hubs walked out to the car to find this...

Isn't it lovely? And that's not black paint folks, that's metal! And that mean's, a whole new bumper. Thanks jackass!

My husband quickly called the insurance company and at this point, I was so pissed that I started walking through the parking lot looking for any vehicle with white paint on the front, passenger side bumper.

After speaking with the insurance company and calling the cops so we could have a report, he went inside to speak to the manager about the SECURITY CAMERA'S (you big dummy) that were posted up outside. After viewing the tape and seeing the SUV slam into my car, (now really, were you aiming for my back end cause you didn't even come close to making it into the spot?) the manager quickly made copies for us and the COPS.

You're probably wondering by now, "why in the world is she directing this to the dumbass?" Well, if I was stupid enough to slam into someone's car and then park 10 spaces away and get out of my vehicle to walk around and scratch my head and then flee when I see the vehicle owner coming out (Yup, we saw that too!), I definitely wouldn't have missed this...

Can you believe it? My phone number is right there for them to call. And if I hit someone's car and ran away, (not that I would ever do that) I would be a little curious about the person I hit.

So here it it. I'm hoping Dummy #1 and Dummy #2 got curious. They went to my site and saw the "Blog" button and thought, "hmm, I wonder what this is?" And BOOM! Here they are.

I know, I know, it's a long shot. But I also need to vent.

A note to the stupid prick: We have you on video. We will enhance the video and get the license plate number to your SUV. We will then call our insurance company so they can get in touch with your insurance company. And because this is considered a "Hit & Run", we will then call the Riverside, CA Police Department and file charges! Hope you had a great Veteran's Day because we didn't.

Also, thank you to management at Castle Park. He was very helpful and even gave us free coupons good for many more trips and endless rides. Next time, we'll take the tank!


ella said...

I am so sorry that your Veteran's Day outing was ruined. I am sure you and hubby will get the dummies who did this. how stupid can one be? Don't they know about cameras being posted everywhere?

Lisa Lou Hoo said...

I am so sorry but thank goodness for security cameras!! ;)

And a note for the jackasses- you don't know who you're messing with-ahh, ahh, ahh (that was my best evil laugh by the way!)

Tiff said...

OH WOW! Thank goodness for security cameras. How dumb can you get? UGH!!

I'm having a couple of giveaways you might be interested in.

Anonymous said...

I bet a local TV station in your area could enhance the video and they would probably do a story on it also.

Julie said...

omg! we used to go to Castle Park back in the day! That roller coaster scares the holy bajeezers out of me!
And as for the dickhead that hit you... you'll get him!
And WHERE did you get that decal for your window??? I want one!