Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Man in Uniform is Hard to Resist

Especially with a smile like his.

And even when he resembles some sort of extraterrestrial being, I still love him just the same.

Last weekend the kids and I were able to watch the Hubs at work.

When I see him in the sky, and see all that he's accomplished in such a small amount of time, my entire self is gushing with pride, admiration, and appreciation.

He does not get enough credit for all he does for his family. I love him so much and truly do appreciate every bit of everything he does for us. He is my hero, my caregiver, my strength, my love, and my heart. 143.

I hope my girly hearts showing which aircraft he's in isn't a punch to his manhood. Sorry babe!

While looking through his military pics I found the one below.

I like it.

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