Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Last Post Before Christmas

As I'm starting this post, my right pinkie finger has decided to go numb.

Anyway, we've been taking it easy this week in the Ellis home. D is out of school and has officially started his new day job of driving Bean insane. Or maybe it's the other way around, I'm not sure.

I've convinced the little one's that Santa will like cupcakes equally as much as cookies, if not more, so we'll be baking and decorating those tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

Christmas morning is promised to be perfect for the little one's. I can't wait to see their faces as they open their gifts and see what Santa brought for them. Pictures to come.

Now on to the rambling...

MS Related -

  1. Shots in my arms are moving to where I have less fat, which in turn means more pain. The last one, (Tuesday) was so bad I almost kissed the floor, aka passed out.
  2. Put the Cranberry juice in the pantry after pouring myself a glass. Got a good laugh off of that one.
  3. Hesitation is my worst enemy when injecting.
  4. I’m to the point where I don’t even think about the shots anymore. I use to do them promptly at 9am. Now, I’m lucky if I remember before noon. That’s a good thing. It means my mind isn’t constantly revolving around those darn shots. I haven’t missed one yet which is good too. It’s crazy that I’m saying that, “I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to send a needle flying through my skin today”.
  5. I’m tired of Dr. Appointments and lucky for me, no more until February.
  6. No more legs for me! They’re not completely healed yet but they’re getting close. Maybe 2-3 bruises on each leg still but it no longer hurts to have the ‘Bean’ sit on my lap. And I’m so happy to not be scratching my legs like a crazy person anymore. The second itchiest spot is my stomach but I can handle that.
  7. A 2 ½ year old should not know what a shot looks like, or that her Mommy has to give herself one. Bean walked in on me today while I was getting ready for my Copaxone. She said, “taking your shot Mommy?” What!? How in the world did she pick that up? She’s a smart cookie and she pays attention. To everything.

Home Related -

  1. Yesterday (Dec. 22nd), we tried letting Bean wear ‘Big Girl Panties’ in hopes that she would tell us she needs to potty before actually doing it. Now, I’m no fool. We did this while we were home today but things didn’t go as well as expected. Thirty minutes or so into Panties #1, she pee’d, but she was able to stop before she completely drenched my carpet. We went to the potty and finished up and then put on Panties #2. Those didn’t last very long, maybe 20 more minutes. Then came our final pair, Panties #3. While wearing Panties #3 we successfully ate dinner with no accidents, then ate popcorn, and even went pee pee on the potty twice. Yay Bean! She came to us with her hands at her crotch and we quickly ushered her into the bathroom. She likes her privacy so we let her handle her business and moved along. While waiting in the living room, she comes in carrying Panties #3. Soaking wet Panties #3. And says, “They fell in Mommy. They fell in Daddy.” And there goes Panties #3, the last pair. Daddy threw all 3 in the washing machine and we’ll give it a-go again tomorrow. We’ve tried almost everything with this girl. But I am determined to have her potty trained before her 3rd birthday. Someone told me girls were easier but D was a breeze compared to the “Queen”.
  2. Promising Bean candy when she poops in the potty, at 8pm, not a good idea. Plus, need more candy. Preferably sugar-free and teeth friendly.
  3. Why is a child’s first instinct after picking their boogers to put them in their mouth? Yuk! Trying to break the little one of that habit right now. She even had one on her tongue and showed her Daddy like it was cool. So disgusting!

On that note, I will say goodbye for now. I'll be back after Christmas to share pictures and stories and updates on everything else.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.

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