Friday, December 4, 2009

My Video Hello!

I thought I would do some video blogging today. Or, what I like to call, Vlogging. :) It's my first time so bare with me.

Tell me if you like it. Or if you don't. I won't mind. :)

The first video is about 5 seconds, it's part one. LOL! It's the "raw" footage and you can even see me mouth my favorite bad word. I'll give you a hint, it starts with a DAMN and ends with an IT.

Here's part two. And by the way, that door bell in part one was Mr. UPS guy dropping off my Copaxone.

Good God! Those still images of me before the video's start are horrendous! LOL! And it totally looks like I tossed Max but I'm sitting maybe 2 feet off the ground's not as bad as it looks. LOL!

I thought an anonymous vote would help. Share your thoughts on the whole Vlogging thing.


Lisa Emrich said...

LOL. As someone who never thought that she would EVER vlog but who has decided that it's not such a bad thing, I like the idea. There is something neat about having someone's words come alive, like from an actual live person.

Plus I like vlogging on blogs much better than just videos on YouTube without the blog. Just my opinion. Keep 'em coming.

Ella said...

You did great. but where is Kouma? Being ignored again? lol

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Somewhat. We actually think he may have hip dysplasia so he'll be getting a lot of attention soon. He's been hanging out in the garage.