Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Queen Bee

I've been tossed off my throne by the new Queen Bee.

We went to a Holiday party last night and the Bean saw Santa for the first time.

She was scared at first, but when he called out her name and flashed a wrapped gift with a big shiny gold bow, she was sold!

D was next. He's 8 and as far as I know, he still believes in Santa Clause. Which is perfectly fine with me. Santa freaked a bit when he saw a 5 foot kid come bouncing up to him ready to accept his gift.

I overheard him say, "Are you driving yet?" LOL!

And then the batteries died on our camera.

D got a Pokemon keychain to "add to his collection". Aside from collecting those toy keychains, he collects them from places we've visited. Some family members even send him some from places they've visited.

He loves it.

I think he has 7 now and of course, we added one when we went to San Fran.

A Bit About Me: Skipping the thighs today and going for the stomach again. My thighs are happy but my stomach is pissed! The itching is really annoying.

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Ella said...

Are you sure she was scared? I can't see her being scared of anything. I am surprised that she didn't pull the beard. lol