Friday, December 11, 2009

Video Update

Happy Holiday's!

By the way, another lovely starting image on the video.


Julia said...

I found your blog through, it looks at though we are getting the diagnosis at very similar times.

Anyway, I wanted to encourage your running, I am trying to get back into it after my last attack made me feel pretty weak. Good luck with everything and know that we will make it through this MS thing!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Thank you Julia! We were supposed to run again on Sunday (those are my days for now, Friday and Sunday) but we had family stop by so we're going today.

I'm terrible at motivating myself to run. Right now I hate running but I think it's because I'm not so great at it. I doubt myself too which doesn't help. But I'm definitely going to keep with it. :)

Julia said...

Don't worry about the motivation, you will do fine once you hit the 4 mi hurdle. My theory is that once you get to 4 mi, everything to mi 15 will be an easy build. My most enjoyable runs are between those distances.

Also, find someone to run with, I have a great girlfriend and she helps me stay motivated and by the end of the run we have solved all life's problems. I have run with my hubby a few times but our speeds are so different it never worked. He did not mind but I felt like he was holding back for me (not a good feeling when you are huffing and puffing).

Lastly, run some races. The best motivation is to have a goal. Plan one a month if you can.

That is how I managed to run (which I never did until about 3 years ago). Now I have two marathons and numerous other runs under my belt. If I can run those, anyone can!

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

I see "4 mi hurdle" and I think, "Oh, God! I hope what you say is true". I just think the more miles, the more discomfort. LOL!

We're (the Hubs and I) doing a half marathon in September. So 13.1 miles is the goal. A friend of mine told me to get to 3mi and do that for a while and then gradually add more. He also said that I should stop at mile 9. If I can do 9 miles the half marathon will be a breeze. HA! Again, I hope that's the case.

I've been running with the Hubs and I feel the same way, I know I'm holding him back. And I feel silly with the huffing and puffing a quarter mile in. LOL! I need some mean trainer dude to push me. The hubs did it back in Alabama but he wasn't comfortable with it. I don't really know anyone else who runs so I'm kind of screwed there.

Thank you for the encouraging words. I think the same way you do. If I can do this, anyone can.