Monday, December 14, 2009

What Does That Mean?

All the time I get the question...

What does that mean?

And some of the time, I take advantage of the question.

"It's the number of people I assassinated before retiring as a Hitman."

GASPS!!! Usually come from the poor soul I'm torturing and then I say,

"Don't worry, I was a legal assassin.":)

One lady looked like she was about to drop dead right there. I remember it perfectly, we were in line to ride The Tower of Terror at California Adventure. I gave her the spiel and her face went white. LOL! Poor lady.

But she asked.

The Hubs likes to tell people that he numbers his woman. LOL! Which is completely false and we all know that the woman before me didn't count. I'm number ONE.

So, what does it mean???

Very simple, it means I Love You.

1 = I.
4 = L.O.V.E.
3 = Y.O.U.

It's sort of a tribute to the Hubs and my two beautiful children. I love them, no matter what, and always will.

So now you know. There's no thrilling story behind the tattoo. Just a lot of love and a little bit of pain.

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Dreamscapes Baby Boutique said...

I don't have a tattoo myself but a close friend does. Her mother passed away when we were in high school and she had her mother's full first name, Deborah, tattooed on her back. Of course, she's had people call her that thinking it was her name.

I really enjoy your blog. I should check into it more often.