Friday, February 26, 2010

Neuro # 3 - Whatcha Say?

I have to say, Neuro number 3 is the best so far. Although we waited 40 minutes in waiting room number two (aka the exam room), it was worth it for someone who gave us his attention and didn't rush us.

He asked me some questions and got caught up on my current stats. Fatigue. Ringing/Buzzing in Ears. Vertigo. Blurred Vision. Heat Sensitivity. Dazed Vision. The list goes on and on.

We asked a few questions, and I even asked about CCSVI, which he was very familiar with. THANK YOU! I don't care what your view is on it but if you're a part of the MS community, especially if you're an MS Specialist, and you haven't heard of CCSVI, I'd rather not deal with you.

He gave a gracious opinion about the works going on with CCSVI and thought that if it is truly something that could help patients with MS, he would be elated.

I brought up my fatigue, my new found symptom that's probably been around for a while but what I'm just now admitting to. He offered me a drug (can't remember the name, sorry) that comes with two very specific side effects and one benefit.

The Benefit - It's used to fight the flu. So come flu season if I'm still on it, I won't need to get my flu shot. Doesn't really matter to me anyway since I've never had a flu shot in my adult life.

The Side Effects - Brace yourself. Number one: Your legs will turn blue. LMAO! Yes, blue. He even said that it would look like I was wearing blue fishnet stockings. Sexy! Sexy! Number two: I will have a very specific dream. The dream will seem as if someone is looking in my bedroom window.

When he said that, the hubs said, "Nope!". LOL!

(Little info about me. I am very aware of my surroundings and extremely guarded, you can say, when it comes to people knocking on my door, walking behind me, whatever. If you knock on my door and I don't know you, you can assume I'm packin'. LOL! Simple enough, I will not be a victim and MY children will not be victims either. PERIOD.)

So when the doc said that, the hubs said, "I don't want bullet holes in my bedroom windows." LOL! Which would probably happen. I would seriously freak out if I had a dream like that. Eek!

So with those two side effects, the doc said that this pill is the safest on the market. Really? Blue Fishnet-like legs minus the fishnets is safe? Ok. He offered a couple of other solutions too. Like, take a 30-minute nap right after lunch but be sure it's no longer than 30-minutes.

That would be great but...

a) How do I know when I'll fall asleep so I'll know when to set my alarm to wake me up?
b) If Sean is around how will he know when I'm finally asleep so he'll know when to wake me up?
c) How will I fall asleep? Really, how? I'm not a napper unless I'm really just blahhh.... and that's rare.

After talking for 30 or 40 minutes, I did some sort of speed walking test. I was wearing my 'Got Sexy' heels and wasn't making good time so I ditched them and went at it bare footed. Yuk! I hate walking around anywhere other than my home with bare feet but what can ya do.

4 seconds! YES! I'm thinking that's pretty good. :)

Then I got sent down to the lab. Dammit! Did you know I hate needles? Yeah, I see the damn things everyday but, well, technically I don't see them going in so it doesn't count.

I had to give a couple of tubes over to Satan's li'l helpers so they could see if my liver is being affected by the Copaxone and also make sure my white blood cell count is ok. Results to come. If you're on Copaxone, supposably you're supposed to get tested for those two sometime after starting the meds. Neuro number 2 never mentioned it but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Something to mention if you haven't done this and you just started a med. I think it goes for all the Fab-Four crab drugs.

C- Copaxone
R - Rebif
A - Avonex
B - Betaseron

So that's about it. Once I get the prescription for the fatigue stuff (I didn't remind him of it before we left because I wasn't too interested so he forgot to write it out. But his nurse called and said they would mail the prescription just in case.) I'll let you know the name when it comes in, just in case you hate the flu and love blue fishnets.

Oh! I just remembered a couple of things.

1. He said that caffeine may help with my fatigue issues and that our bodies get fatigued when our body temperature rises. He said that our body temperature is at it's lowest at 4am, and at it's highest at 4pm. Makes sense to me, I'm usually on my third or forth burn-out come 4pm.

2. He also said that people with Multiple Sclerosis suffer from an over-active immune system. Contrary to what I wrote in a previous post. I was so bummed when I was told that our immune systems are weakened due to MS but it turns out, according to my doc, they're not. And with Copaxone, it's fighting off about 1/3 of additional crap.

So there ya go!