Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You remember that part in Serendipity when John Cusack's character is lying on the ice rink watching the snow fall above him?

I had a moment like that.

But instead, I was driving 40mph towards home down a lonely stretch of road with no other headlights interfering with my view.

It was beautiful.

Like I was in a time warp. Just me, zooming through the snow. Or like bright white fireworks, exploding beautifully at just the right moment. Right before my eyes.

I love the snow.

Well, I love it in moderation. A good snowfall once (maybe twice) a year would be perfect for me. I think about how I love the way it looks, feels, and sometimes even how it tastes. Then I remember that snow is just recycled frozen water that was probably pissed on at one time or another.

I retract that I like the taste.

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Lori Lassestrom said...

I always thought the film footage of the plastic bag that takes flight and "dances on the wind" in the movie "American Beauty" was beautiful.