Monday, February 22, 2010


I received this invitation in the mail over the weekend. It's from Shared Solutions, the people behind Copaxone.

When I opened it, I saw the name of my former neurologist and I about screamed. I am extrememly frustrated that this incompetent, money stealing woman who claims to care about her patients is the "Featured Speaker" at this meeting. WHAT?!?!

I posted a few of the encounters I had with her last year while trying to get a diagnosis. You can read here and here and there's probably more.

I don't know what to think of it. To me, it seems like a joke. When I first saw it, I thought, "Great! Finally something to go to that's talking specifically about my situation and possibly updating us on upcoming treatments."

I'm unsure about what to do. Just ignore it, and let other people believe she's this excellent doctor in the field of neurology. Because she's not. Do I call Shared Solutions and see why they thought she was the best doctor in the area to deliver this speech?

I see myself sitting at this meeting (which seems to be very informal since it's taking place in a Bistro) and just getting so angry as I listen to her. I have a vision of me standing up, throwing my arm into the air with my finger pointing straight at her and saying, FRAUD!


Oh goodness. What to do? What to do? I would say that I would bring the hubby along for support but I think he may be more unhappy with her than I am.

So I'm not sure. I may just go for the last two words printed on the invitation, Dinner Served, and see what the slacker has to say. And then maybe I'll tell her that the seizures she said I had, weren't really seizures at all. And the brain MRI that was no worry of her's and was probably fine, had three lesions on it. And had she actually given me longer than 12.2 seconds to explain my symptoms and test my neurological response, she may've discovered quite a few more things pointing to Multiple Sclerosis.


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Stavros said...

I've often wondered how Shared Solutions and the other drug companies select these "experts" to talk at these local events. I suspect it's based on drug sales in their office or something. Something like, "Dr. X, you've written a record number of prescriptions for our drug this month, so in addition to the kickback that we give you every month, we're going to give you an extra stipend if you come and read our prepared script at a local event that we're sponsoring."

DO NOT go to the event. You are better off just avoiding that "doctor". I had a similar experience with a neurologist during my diagnosis and, instead of dwelling on and staying frustrated by his ineptitude, I've long ago decided to remove him from my life and instead focus on the quality doctors that I've found since then.

Good Luck.